Who's Fracsco?

In our hearts, fracsco is not just a brand; it’s a representation of our pursuit and dream of a beautiful life. This all began with our deep observation of the simple things in daily life. Amid the hustle and bustle of city living, we noticed how easily people overlook basic life necessities—like maintaining proper hydration. At the same time, while pursuing health, we also realized that people’s aesthetic and personalization needs for their personal items were growing. This dual pursuit of life quality inspired us to establish fracsco.

We remember vividly, the idea for fracsco was born on a sunny afternoon. We were at a design exhibition, deeply attracted by a piece that seamlessly integrated technology with art. In that moment, it dawned on us: why couldn’t we apply this fusion to everyday items? Especially those widely used yet seldom innovated upon products—like water bottles.

Thus, we embarked on the journey of fracsco. We understood that to achieve our vision, we needed to transcend the functionality of traditional water bottles and create a product that not only meets daily hydration needs but also embodies artistic beauty and fashionable elements.

In our journey with Fracsco, we have always sought elements that touch the heart and stand out, to define our products. We understand that each product is not just an item, but a story, a philosophy, and an exploration of future lifestyles. It is with this mindset that we decided to name our products after the eight major planets, symbolizing that each water bottle carries not only the life-sustaining water of Earth but also embodies the spirit of exploring the unknown and striving for excellence.

The inspiration to name our products after the eight major planets came from our experience at a design exhibition, where we were inspired by artworks that fused technology with art. The vastness of the universe and the mysterious beauty of the planets made us realize that, just like every planet in the universe has its uniqueness, everyone’s lifestyle and aesthetic pursuit are also unique. Through such naming, we aim not only to reflect the innovation and technological feel of our products but also to ignite users’ curiosity and passion for exploring unknown territories.

Value : Make Every Sip Shine with Style

Mission : Enrich Life through Artful Innovation

Vision : To be the Beacon of Lifestyle Elegance


Our policies

All-Inclusive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Undamaged products may be returned for a full refund for any reason within 30 days from the date of delivery. After receiving and inspecting the item, Fracsco will process your refund.

* Returns must include all accessories.

* Items must include original packaging.

* For customers wishing for a refund, Fracsco refunds the cost of the ITEM ONLY.

* Returns may be rejected if items do not include all accessories or the original package.

* At Fracsco, we are committed to providing you with quality products and service. If your Fracsco smart water bottle, under normal use, experiences any non-artificial damage to its components within two years of purchase—including but not limited to natural breakage or detachment of the smart lid, sleeve, or strap, screen failure to light up, or abnormal noises—you are entitled to a free replacement of the affected parts by contacting our customer service at service@fracsco.com.

* Please ensure that your email includes the following information for prompt processing of your request:

* Your proof of purchase or order number.
* A detailed description of the product issue, along with any supporting images or videos if available.
* Your contact details and shipping address.
* Upon receipt of your request, our customer service team will contact you within 1-3 business days to provide further guidance and support.

* For products beyond the two-year warranty period, we continue to offer repair or replacement services for any component issues at a charge. The specific fees will be based on the cost of parts and service required.

We thank you for choosing Fracsco and promise to do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction with our products.

Warranty Claims for Quality-Related Issues

Fracsco’s limited warranty is restricted to the country of purchase.

Warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty timeframe of the original defective item. Warranties on products are void after having been fully refunded.


* The buyer must provide proof of purchase.

* Fracsco will document what steps the buyer took to troubleshoot the problem, if any, with the product.

* The defective item is returned for quality inspection.

* The item’s warranty is voided if the returned item and registered item are different or if the defective item is not returned.

Return Address:

Please refer to the actual return address obtained by contacting our customer support. Please do not send products to this address without contacting us

Valid proof of purchase:

* Order number from the official website the purchases were made or order number from an Fracsco’s authorized reseller.

* Sales invoice.

* Dated sales receipt from an authorized Fracsco reseller that shows a product description and sale price.

Please note that more than one type of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim.

Shipping must be covered by the buyer if…

* Returning items for reasons other than a defect.

* The country the item was purchased in differs from the country the warranty claim is being filed.

* Accidental return, such as personal items, or incorrect products.

* Returning items were claimed defective but found by Fracsco quality control to be in proper working condition.

* Returning defective items in international shipping.

Not Covered Under Warranty:

* Products without sufficient proof of purchase.

* Lost or stolen products.

* Items with expired warranties.

* Non-quality-related issues.

* Repairs through 3rd parties.

* Items damaged by the customer include falls, extreme temperatures, operating devices improperly operating devices.

* Purchases from unauthorized resellers.

(Fracscoalso provides out-of-warranty service; for any issues, please contact service@Fracsco.com )

Fracsco is not liable for:

* Loss of data incurred from the use of Fracsco products.

* Personal items mistakenly shipped to Fracsco.


To get a replacement simply email our customer support at service@FRACSCO.com explaining the issue and adding your full address as below and a phone number and email. Please note that the order is sent through regular post services so it could take 10-15 business days to arrive at the destination.

For the product beyond the 24 Months Warranty Period, if there is a problem with the product and the customer is willing to repair it. Our after-sales team will continue to provide maintenance services, however, it will be a paid service.

That means, the customer needs to cover the round-trip shipping cost, the costs of the components, accessories or modules and the labor cost for repairing.

Do you cover free shipping?

Optional logistics (USPS, UPS Ground, FedEx) are provided, the default logistics method is USPS, but you can also choose other logistics methods according to your needs.


  • Shipment within the U.S. free shipping using USPS when orders over $79 or more after any discount codes and Coupons/Reward Dollars have been applied. 


②If you need to change the logistics method (UPS Ground, FedEx), additional logistics fees will be charged. The specific logistics fees depend on the region and the gross weight of the product, and you can choose the Signature Required service (charged). 

Note: Black Diamond and Legend members need to pay the corresponding logistics fees if the shipping method is changed to UPS Ground or FedEx.

Our logistic statistics show that 95% of parcels can arrive within 7-15 days, only a very small part of the order is delayed due to some uncontrollable factors. Such as addressing errors, extreme weather, customs inspections, and so on.

If you have registered an Fracsco account, you can track your orders in your account directly. You can also track the shipment through this link: https://www.17track.net/en. Please make sure your email address and order number are correct.

Kindly inform you that if the order has not shipped, please contact service@fracsco.com or chat with customer service online to amend it. However, if the package has been sent out, we cannot change the shipment.

We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used, depending on the product. Once an item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.

Please contact customer support at service@fracsco.com.

Sometimes orders would be split and sent out from different warehouses due to inventory shortages, It is suggested that you contact service@fracsco.com or chat with customer service online to figure it out, thank you.

I apologize for the frustrating situation. At the launch of our sale, our website was so inundated with customer traffic that was simply not able to keep up. I am sorry that we were unable to meet your expectations, but we are doing our best to provide every customer with great service for the remainder of the sale. If you have been unable to order, please clean the cookie, restart the browser and try again.

Thanks for reaching out to us. If you cannot check out at this moment, please follow these steps to give it a try. 

1. Try cleaning the cookies, using another browser like Google Chrome.

2. Change with other devices (cell phone, computer, or pad) to see if it works. 

3. Please also contact the bank for consulting if they accept international charges.

4. If that doesn’t help, for any further questions, please provide us with a screenshot for it, the exact time, what devices and browsers you use.

Please keep me posted and I will report your problem to IT team and they will make efforts to fix it. 

What are the payment options?

We accept PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc. On the payment screen, there should be photos for VISA, MasterCard, ETC. You can click any card to enter the checkout page and fill in the information on the card you want to use.

Thanks for purchasing from the Fracsco Store! Once the order was placed successfully. Our website will automatically send out the confirmation email to the address specified in the order. Please make sure your email address is correct and check your spam/junk folder to see if it is there. You can always reach out to our live chat or email service@fracsco.com with any order questions as well.

Please make sure your email address and order number are correct. You can track the shipment through this link: https://www.17track.net/en

Due to the large build-up of orders during the Sales period and the different inventory quantities in each warehouse, we have to split your order and send them out separately. If you received your order missing one or two items, please do not worries, it may be split into two orders. The tracking information will be emailed to you once it’s shipped. You can contact us via the website online chat. Please accept our sincere apology!

We completely apologize if you are experiencing this issue. Please send us a website live chat request or email service@fracsco.com with the transaction ID. We will make sure that the issue is corrected.

How do I reset my FRACSCO Smart?

1) Make sure your FRACSCO is charged
2) Make sure the Bluetooth is on
3)Go to the settings page, locate the reset option, and click on it to reset.
4)The bottle cap system will automatically restart. Once you re-enter the page, the reset will be complete.
5) If an error message comes up, RESTART your bottle by plugging it and unplugging it from the power and trying to connect again.

If you have any problems about reset, please contact us to get help.

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