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How do insulated bottles work?

The Fracsco flasks are the perfect reusable bottle for keeping your iced tea or coffee hot, and cold.


The insulated water bottles are equipped with stainless steel vacuum insulation that is both for hot and for cold.


What is an Insulated Water Bottle?


An insulated water bottle is a vessel which extends the period of time that its contents remain at their original temperature. The Fracsco insulated water bottles can maintain the fluid temperature for up to 12 hours.


Let’s see how do vacuum insulated water bottles work


How do vacuum-insulated water bottles work?


Double Wall Water Bottles use two steel walls with a vacuum between them in order to keep the contents of the bottle at the same temperature or close to the same temperature when they were first stored.


Every physical object, including the air we breathe, is made up of molecules. In a cold room, if we have a cup of hot coffee on a table the heat will be constantly transferring into the cold air or even the table underneath. A stainless steel insulated water bottle creates a barrier that prevents heat from transferring between two molecules of different temperatures.


Since no air molecules, or molecules of any kind, are present in the vacuum, heat transfer cannot occur, and the contents of the bottles can remain at the same or near the temperature for long periods.


Imagine a water-filled bottle with another bottle within it. The two bottles are separated by a vacuum. This vacuum is the space between two metal walls or other materials that is devoid of air. It prevents any heat transfer between the inside and outside of the vessel. This structure is what provides thermal insulation, or reduces heat transfer.



Can insulated water bottles be frozen?


Want cold water? No need to freeze your bottle for hours after filling it. Due to our double-walled vacuum insulation, you wouldn’t notice much of a difference. We recommend that you fill the bottle with ice and cold water. Our Fracsco bottle is perfect for keeping you hydrated on hot hikes or in a tube.


Can insulated water bottles be used to keep hot drinks warm?


What about hot drinks? The vacuum insulation in your Fracsco will keep your drink warm for up to 12 hours on even the coldest days. If you are going skiing in winter, then you will have plenty of time to practice your skiing skills and then enjoy your drink when you feel like need some hydration.


Have you ever started a kettle only to realize that you wouldn’t be able to use the entire amount of water? Use the Fracsco insulated water bottle to add hot water to your tea all day. You will not have to heat water in your kettle, which is better for the environment and for your wallet.


When do insulated water bottles cease to work?


The insulation of your water bottle won’t stop working if you take good care of it. Insulated stainless steel water bottles are not only a good investment. Double-walled water bottles are more durable than regular bottles. You can use your Fracsco thermos on any adventure and know that it will continue to work for as long as you need it to. This bottle is built to last a lifetime thanks to the effectiveness of our insulation and our 10-year repair/replacement scheme.